Why Choose Us?

Our Advertising token will be accepted by many publishers to display your advertising across a vast network.



Developed for a peer-to-peer advertising network, every transaction is secure.



Our token is non dependant upon a central authority & is transferred directly from user to user.



Send the AVT token to any user or publisher or exchange instantly.


Global Advertising

Use your AVT token to purchase advertising on our advertising network.

Token Distribution

AVT can be purchased through one of our exchanges.

AVT is currently listed on EtherFlyer and BitCratic

Token Address

Token Project Start
April 3, 2019
Token Distribution End
April 19, 2019
Max Circulating Supply

Quality Web Traffic on the Ethereum Blockchain

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And Earn AVT

Earn AVT Buy Viewing Ads

Earn AVT by viewing other members ads via our PTC platform.

Up to 120% return on your AVT tokens

Members can purchase ad packs and earn 2% daily for viewing ads, paid in AVT.

Earn AVT from Referrals Purchases

You can earn up to 10% from each of your referrals when they purchase PTC ad packs.

How It Works?

When you signup with AVT, you can deposit AVT tokens from one of our partner exchanges. Once you have deposited your tokens, you can purchase Paid To Click ad packs for 1000 AVT. Each day you will need to surf 10 ads per day in order to earn 2% of your total ad packs purchased. For example, if you purchase 10 ad packs for 10,000 AVT you will earn 2% or 200 AVT per day that you surf for 60 days.

Affiliate Commission

Tier 1



Tier 2



Tier 3



Download Our Whitepaper

In tech or advertising space, a whitepaper usually describes a theory behind a new piece of technology. Even a business whitepaper can serve a variety of uses and audiences - Some more product-focused than others. And although it is put together like an ebook, the two are written quite differently.

We want to explain our project and give you a complete understanding of what the AVT token is all about. Use the link below to download our official whitepaper.



Frequently Asked Questions

When you purchase a PTC ad from your members backoffice, you can then surf 10 ads per day and earn 2% of your AVT purchased per day for 60 days. All rewards are paid out in AVT.
You may withdraw your tokens to your ETH wallet automatically via our smart contract once you have the minimum tokens to withdraw.
We currently do not have any bounties running at this time. We do offer referral commission paid out in AVT for members who refer others, who then purchase ad packs via AVT.
You must view 10 ads per day to earn 2% of your total ad pack purchases.
The minimum tokens that can be withdrawn from our plaform is 1,000 tokens per transaction.
The token has a utility value providing platform users with the option to purchase website traffic from our network of publishers.
The maximum amount of AVT tokens for sale are limited in smart-contract at value 250,000,000 AVT tokens for the first year.
They will appear instantly in a personal account once confirmation occurs. They can be used to purchase advertising on our platform, traded on an exchange or stored in Trust Wallet.
If you were not ablle to participate in the Token Sale you may exchange other crypto-currencies to AVT tokens later on an exchange.
AVT token can be stored in an ETH wallet or within your wallet here at TheAdvertisingToken.com.
Yes, we will produce 10 million tokens yearly for incentives for new publishers to add to our network.
Yes, AVT is currently listed on EtherFlyer and BitCratic. More exchanges will be added as we progress.
Yes, AVT tokens are fully compatible with the ERC-20 standard and they can be transferred to a third-party ETH wallet. AVT is listed and searchable on Trust Wallet